In the News

  • Motovaded Magazine: Veterans of War
    Lets take a step into the shoes of a soldier with PTSD …Meet Tom. Drugged up, clearly unaware of all that was in front of him and just stepping foot off the flight from Iraq, Tom enters a world that is unfamiliar to him. Any loud noise triggers an internal alarm making him believe he is not back in a safe and loving environment but under attack. His reality was just one of bloodshed, explosive devices, yelling and survival…
  • enRoute: Finding Peace in Tecate
    The grunts from the nearby tennis courts and backbeat from the neighbouring cardio class are only a murmur over the sound of my own breathing. Lying in a pool of warm water, my thoughts wander to some crazy stuff: Why didn’t I become a vet like I wanted to at 12?
  • Grace
    My whole life has been an amazing evolution. Every time I’m pushed to the edge, a shift occurs and I’m stretched even further then I suspected I could go.
  • The New York Times: Destination Wellness
    “For most people, we came into the world perfect, loved, no disease, no pain,” said Dave Towe, my watsu instructor, a former executive with a physique like a giant G.I. Joe doll. “And, at the end of a watsu treatment, clients immediately will say, “Oh my god, I haven’t felt that way in years.’ ”