Over time, WATSU® has been integrated into practices by those seeking higher consciousness, enlightenment, a greater sense-of-being, and an improved sense-of-self. Rooted in Eastern Philosophy that focuses on whole body health, balance and holistic healing practices, WATSU aligns the body, mind and spirit by releasing blockages along the meridians, or ‘Chi’ also known as the life force.

For more than 3,000 years Traditional Oriental Medicine has treated the whole body to stimulate balance and healing. When in alignment, and coupled with a good diet and exercise, the body is able to create an environment to naturally heal itself of a wide variety of both physical and mental ailments. While Western Medicine is excellent at and necessary for emergency treatment including life-saving surgery and urgent care, it often treats the symptoms of an illness instead of the root of the problem. These treatments are often invasive and occasionally toxic manner.

A tenet of Eastern Philosophy stresses the importance of meditation to achieve balance, peace, insight and purpose. WATSU and its accompanying variations, including Waterdance and Healing Dance, foster a meditative experience as the practitioner, recipient, water and movement work in cooperation to create an alchemy that brings openness, enlightenment and peace. Over time, as the Chi flows uninhibited, a greater sense-of-being, self-empowerment and certainty develop.

WATSU is not intended to completely replace a doctor’s treatment plan but to be used as a complementary alternative therapy.

WATSU® is a registered trademark of Harold Dull.

Photo by Elizabeth Opalenik | Model Margot Hodenfield