Movement in WordsAugust 4, 2014

WWA BLOG - By: Dave Towe

How amazing is this? I’m constantly in awe and humbled by this work!

You’ve probably noticed when you visit my homepage you’re greeted with a series of moving words that flow and grow as they get closer. These words were used by over 80 Warm Water Therapy clients to describe their experience following a session in the water with me. This group of words is called a Word Cloud, as pictured above, and shows the sum total of all the words and how frequently they were used as indicated by font size.

It is absolutely stunning when you begin to understand how deeply this Alchemy touches every person.

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Welcome to Warm Water AlchemyJuly 15, 2014

MEDIA / WWA BLOG - By: Dave Towe

Nearly twelve years ago, at 6pm on October 6, 2002, I experienced my first aquatic bodywork therapy session, called Wassertanzen. I had no idea what warm water aquatic bodywork therapy was, the practice, nor the benefits. I was simply seeking a high-end spa treatment, at a very high-end spa. One hour later, the session ended and my entire life began to shift.

Little did I know the treatment would alter my life so significantly, and the lives of many others, from that day forward. In fact, if you are reading this message, you may have had as profound an experience as I did.

Each New Year I create my annual Vision Board – setting my intentions, goals and expectations for the coming year. This past New Year, I assembled my close friends in a large rented cabin 5,345 feet above sea level, nestled atop the San Jacinto Mountains in Idyllwild, California. Together we shared our experiences from the past year, the different awakenings we’d each had, our passions and what we recognized was on the horizon for each of us.

While developing my Vision Board for this year, I was keenly aware of how far and deep my aquatic bodywork therapy practice had evolved over the years. I was also aware of the deeper expression of my work that has been emerging. With great respect and gratitude for the power of aquatic bodywork therapy, my clients would tell me their experiences, many of which cannot be explained or interpreted in human language.

With this awareness, it is time for the depth of expansion and evolution to be reflected in a fresh narrative. Over the past several months I’ve been working with a small team to revamp my website that captures in words, photographs and videos the power of this work.

Alas, welcome to my new site,!

Over time I will continue to share my experiences, thoughts and moments through our blog, and will invite others who have been in the water to share their Warm Water Alchemy story or stories. My intention is for the site to evolve as the work evolves, and for it to become a destination for those searching. If you’d like to share your experience, please feel free to email me.

My deepest thanks to everyone behind the creation and content that has taken Warm Water Alchemy to a new platform. Writing is not my best suit, and just as the Alchemy of warm water therapy forms and shapes into a golden experience, my copywriter, Dan Fotou, has certainly helped me express what is often difficult to put on paper. Thank you Dan! Nancy and Ashley of Promar Designs and their creative team that built the website, many thanks for bringing to our visitors the softer side of Dave in the look, feel and flow of the site. You’re all true visionaries!

With gratitude,
Dave Towe

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