Dave Towe

Since his twenties, Dave embraced opportunities to push past boundaries, overcome fears, challenge uncertainty and connect with the elements. Throughout his adult life, Dave’s journey has taken him around the world where he’s pursued extreme sports, high altitude alpine climbing; met tribal leaders and medicine men in Africa and Asia; been inspired by Buddhist masters on the Tibetan Plateau; playfully interacted with rare mountain gorillas in the African Congo; and extensively traveled through the Middle East and South America.

In 1988 he began a successful 13-year career with Recreational Equipment, Incorporated (REI) where he worked his way up the corporate ladder to become the youngest vice president in the company’s then history. He coached over 200 future leaders, including “youth at risk” whom he guided on 28-day mountaineering trips through the Pacific Crest Outward Bound School.

By 2001, he became aware that he was “stuck” in a daily routine; he was present to a knowing to explore something different that utilized his passion for people and interest in the world beyond what is seen. Intuitively he knew it was time to close that chapter, and begin a new journey.

Shortly thereafter, Dave left REI and during a one-year sabbatical began seeking enlightenment and clarity. During this period, Dave worked with a professional life coach who guided him through a process of inquiry. During the process, he awakened a deep spirituality that inspired him to pursue work that touched people’s lives at a much higher level.

On October 6, 2002, Dave experienced his first aquatic therapy session at the Canyon Ranch Resort, in Tucson, Arizona.  He had no idea what the “above and below water” treatment or the benefits were. Dave would later describe his session as a life altering “transformational moment” – where the presence of grace and divine show up.  One hour later, the session ended, and Dave’s entire life began to shift dramatically.

Little did he know the treatment would alter his life so significantly, and the lives of many others, from that day forward. In fact, if you are reading this, you may have had as profound an experience as he did.

In the months that followed, Dave went forward and studied with the Aquatic Bodywork’s “A List,” including Harold Dull, the creator of Watsu. In San Diego, he became nationally certified by the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association.  Through his life coaching experience, Dave learned the practice of setting “intention”, and set the intention that the future clients and individuals he would work with would be people making a difference on the plant.

He immediately was asked to begin working at the world class “Golden Door” Spa in Escondido, California, as well as other high-end spa’s including Rancho La Puerta, in Mexico.  Dave’s intention manifested immediately, he’s treated some of the world’s most influential people; from successful business men and women from the top brand companies on the planet, the Hollywood elite, to politicians and change makers. Knowing with one decision, people at this level have the ability to impact millions of lives, Dave focused his intention on sharing the therapy with them as they sought answers, purpose and clarity.

In 2010, Dave launched the not-for-profit, Wave Academy, a San Diego based organization that today focuses primarily on treating Post Traumatic Stress diagnosed veterans, their families and caregivers.  Dave’s intention was to reduce the 22 per day suicide rate. By 2016 the organization had grown to over 1.4MM in donations, and it was time for Dave to bring on new leadership allowing the organization to grow to higher summits and further expand the mission.

Today, as Wave Academy’s Founder, and Chief Alchemy Officer for his private business, Dave focuses on introducing Aquatic Therapy to like-minded individuals and organizational leaders.  As a student, practitioner, and leader Dave creates space for alchemy and grace to guide his work, relationships and experiences. He spends his free time providing private therapy sessions Mexico, San Diego, and in Northern California.

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